Tandem App


It's the age of the social media influencer, AKA ‘Creators’. So, when your corgi's YouTube channel goes viral and Purina asks you to feed Fido their kibble on camera, what do you do? How much should you charge? You wouldn’t want Fido to sell out for some free kibble. We built Tandem to help creators navigate the business aspects of Fido’s new-found fame. They can negotiate brand opportunities, manage ongoing campaigns, and accept payments through the platform.

My Role

Kin Community hired The Working Assembly, where I consult as a UX lead, to design and develop Tandem. I planned on-site client workshops, conducted user interviews, and created the wireframes for the responsive, web-based platform.

Discovery Process

We kicked off the project with workshops at Kin’s LA office. Over the course of 3 days, we discussed business goals and objectives for Tandem, how we would measure success, and what the roadmap would be over the next year. We also conducted user interviews via Google Hangout as a gut check to make sure we were building something creators would find useful. We came out of the workshops with a comprehensive set of features and requirements, and a good rapport between the core team and clients.

Defining the UI

From there we moved into designing and building the experience. Wireframes, visual design, and development each progressed in two week sprints. Below are samples of the wireframes I created. Each Creator received a custom URL to share on their social platforms so Brands could easily get in touch about opportunities. They can then negotiate contracts right from Tandem. They also have access to the Tandimate, an algorithm built to help understand their brand value and what other creators are getting paid for similar opportunities. Finally, they can access tools to manage their campaigns and get paid.